Is the school you have chosen right for your child

Is the school you have chosen right for your child?

A question every parent should ask is… Is education failing my child?

Is the school you have chosen right for your childA question every teacher should ask is… Is education failing the children I teach?

If you, as a parent, could choose your child’s school curriculum, what would you consider important aspects?

  • Obedience, as we churn out predictable, testable, mediocre workers – or subjects that would help build a stronger society?
  • Building a child’s character being as important as the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic)?
  • Compliance and memorisation – or the need to dream and to be given the wherewithal and the will to make dreams come true?
  • Creating a child who engages and grows, as opposed to pushing for sameness and thereby dumbing down the individual, while attempting to raise the class average?
  • Destroying dreams instead of amplifying them? All too often children are told to have a trade/profession to ‘fall back on’- that there’s time to dream later.

At Capulum College we believe in finding the essence of your child and allowing this individual to develop in her/his own way, own speed, and own time – whatever is right for your child.

Keep in mind that:

  • Dreams flicker long before they shine brightly – they are difficult to build and easy to destroy.
  • The world has changed and it’s time for schools to follow.
  • Group projects should be the norm in schools yet most times academic activity is done alone – homework, exams, writing. No competent businessperson says, “I don’t know what to do, I’ll figure it out myself”
  • Our teachers are strict because they love their learners – not because it makes their lives easier. We believe that teachers who care, teach learners who care.

We focus on small classes where your child receives personalised, individual attention, which results in the learner’s growth in confidence as he/she progresses at his/her own level – a level that is right for your child. Our remedial teachers are qualified in their field of work, the outcome being that we record positive results from happy learners.

Much of the content of this article was taken from Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams – What is School For?

We are not meant to be perfect – we are meant to be whole. Discover the joy of learning with us…

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