Understanding Your Journey

Compassionate Care for Parents and Children

Welcome to Our School, where we understand the unique challenges parents face when caring for a child with learning disabilities.

Our compassionate staff is professionally trained to provide emotional support to both parents and children, ensuring a nurturing environment for successful development.

Discover how our specialised program caters to your child’s needs, empowering him/her to thrive and grow.

  • A school that acknowledges and supports the emotional difficulties faced by parents of children with learning challenges
  • Professionally trained staff dedicated to providing emotional support for both parents and children
  • A nurturing environment designed for the successful development of children with learning disabilities
  • Specialised program tailored to meet the unique needs of each child
  • Empowering children to thrive and grow in a supportive and understanding setting
  • A school that values the emotional well-being of both parents and children
  • Experienced staff who understand the challenges and frustrations parents may encounter
  • A holistic approach that focuses on emotional support alongside academic progress


Capulum Enrolment

"We turn challenges
into dreams"

The greatest goal at Capulum College is to give children the opportunity to attain whatever they set their minds to, to provide them with the tools to help them achieve the best of their ability and in doing so “give children the wings to fly”.

Capulum College is based in Hilton, KZN. Please view our fee structure before applying.

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