Selecting the correct school for your child does matter

With a new year on the horizon, you may be in a school-choosing dilemma – or you may be considering changing schools. Whichever challenge you are facing selecting the correct school for your child does matter.

Schools are instrumental in shaping children’s academic and personal development, so it’s essential that you think through several factors to ensure your child receives the best education possible.

Here are a few considerations:

  • The school’s location, because shorter commutes can mean less stress for you and your child – and remember your child may have extramural activities as well as playdates with classmates.
  • Different schools have differing educational approaches – consider traditional and remedial schools as well as the Montessori and Waldorf approaches. Your child’s learning style needs to be considered.
  • Ensure that the school’s curriculum and teaching methods meet your child’s academic needs and interests. Does the school offer a well-rounded education including core subjects, as well as special interest subjects such as art, music, sport and physical education?
  • Smaller class sizes often lead to more individualised attention from teachers. If your child struggles in larger groups, he/she may benefit from a school with a lower learner- teacher ratio.
  • Extramural activities can be vital for your child’s personal and social development. Look for a school that provides a variety of clubs, sports, and creative outlets. A well-equipped school can provide a more enriching experience for your child.
  • Quality teachers make an impact on your child’s education because they create a positive learning environment.
  • If your child has special needs, it’s crucial to choose a school that offers appropriate support. Discuss your child’s needs with the school to ensure the teachers can provide the necessary assistance. We at Capulum College are here to help you in this regard.
  • Talk to other parents, and research the school’s reputation in the community. A good reputation often reflects the quality of education and the overall experience.
  • Consider your budget because private schools can be expensive, and public schools are usually more affordable.
  • Visit the schools on your shortlist. Walk through the classrooms, talk to teachers, and observe the atmosphere. Your intuition and first-hand experience can provide valuable insights.
  • Check that the school has proper safety measures in place and that it provides a nurturing environment for learners.
  • Remember to involve your child in the decision-making process. A school where your child feels comfortable and motivated is more likely to produce positive results.

School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.

- Lon Watters -



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